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Introduction To The Company

Welcome to Blessed Touch Beyond Beauty, where we believe that true beauty radiates from the inside out. Our company is dedicated to serving black successful women who aspire to look and feel their best every day. We understand that the modern woman is multi-faceted, juggling different roles and responsibilities, and we're here to help make things a little easier.

At Blessed Touch Beyond Beauty, we believe that beauty is more than just skin deep. It's about having the confidence to be who you are, embracing your uniqueness, and using it to make a positive impact on the world around you. That's why we offer a range of haircare and beauty products that are not only designed to help you look your best, but also to nourish your hair and skin, so you can feel your best too.

In addition to our products, we offer mentorship and support to young stylists who share our passion for beauty and want to learn from some of the industry's top professionals. We believe in giving back to the community, and helping others to achieve their dreams is one of the ways we do it.

Finally, at the heart of our company is our faith. We are unapologetically Christian and believe that our purpose is to glorify God in everything we do. Whether it's through our products, our mentorship, or our interactions with our customers, we strive to reflect God's love and grace in all that we do.

So if you're looking for a company that cares about your beauty, your success, and your faith, look no further than Blessed Touch Beyond Beauty. We are here to help you achieve your dreams, and we can't wait to join you on your journey to beauty and success beyond measure.


Blessed Touch Beyond Beauty 


Blessed Touch Beyond Beauty LLC is a brand that was founded with a simple yet powerful vision: to empower and inspire young women everywhere to feel confident, beautiful, and unstoppable in their pursuit of their dreams.

The story of Blessed Touch Beyond Beauty LLC begins with its founder, a young black woman who, like so many others, struggled to find her place in the world. She faced countless obstacles and setbacks, from the challenges of growing up in a tough neighborhood to the discrimination and bias she encountered in the workplace.

But through it all, she refused to let her circumstances define her. Instead, she turned to her love of beauty and self-care as a way to nurture her body, mind, and spirit. She discovered that when she took care of herself, she felt more confident, more powerful, and more capable of achieving her goals.

Inspired by her own journey, she decided to create a brand that would help other young black women to experience the same kind of transformation. She wanted to create products that were specifically designed for their unique needs and that would help them to look and feel their best, no matter what challenges they faced.

And so, Blessed Touch Beyond Beauty LLC was born. From its earliest days, the brand was built around a simple but powerful idea: that every young black woman has the right to feel beautiful, powerful, and unstoppable. And that by nurturing their inner and outer beauty, they can unlock the full potential within themselves.

Today, Blessed Touch Beyond Beauty LLC is a leading brand in the beauty industry, known for its high-quality products and its commitment to empowering young black women everywhere. Its products are designed to nourish, protect, and enhance every aspect of a woman's beauty, from her skin and hair to her confidence and self-esteem.

For young black women everywhere, Blessed Touch Beyond Beauty LLC is a symbol of hope and possibility. It's a brand that reminds them that no matter what obstacles they face, they have the power to rise above them and to achieve their dreams. And that with a little bit of self-care and a lot of determination, they can become the best version of themselves.